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Mutts in Motion will develop a customized-program based on you and your family. This is beyond the pet store training method, where you are instructed on sit, stay, heal and so on. After consultation, Mutts in Motion will provide a plan that best meets you, your dog and your schedule. This varies from an in-home six (6) session instruction course to a comprehensive plan that incorporates in-home one-on-one sessions, outings for socialization and activity, train and boarding with Mutts in Motion and incorporation of the below exercise programs.  Services are tailored to the client, homework is based on your schedule and our goal is to leave you with the skills needed for you and your dog to exist together in harmony.



A custom program is developed for each client based on the individual goals including but not limited to: behavior modification, weight loss, and pain management.

Services involved include hydrotherapy, walking – both outside and/or on a portable treadmill - and games. Sessions are typically 30 minutes to an hour and pricing is available upon request.

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Not only is hydrotherapy an excellent means of no impact, full body strength and conditioning exercise for dogs, it is also a beneficial therapy tool for dogs with neurological and orthopedic issues, along with pre and post-surgical rehabilitation. The water promotes a relaxed, therapeutic environment for healing and strengthening.

As with all other services, hydrotherapy sessions are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs, whether it is an introduction to swimming, to an exercise regimen, to re-igniting your aging pup’s mental wellbeing, to rehabilitation (which requires Veterinary clearance).



If available, Brad welcomes the opportunity to pet sit for his clients involved in the above services. He enjoys the opportunity to further getting to know your dog(s) and is honored to watch them while you are away.

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