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Mutts in Motion focuses on the mental and physical well-being of our furry family members through customized behavioral training and exercise programs. We firmly believe both go paw in paw (pun intended).

We attribute our company’s story to our beloved Labradoodle, Casey.  Prior to starting Mutts in Motion years ago, co-owners Brad and Kim served as proud parents of this forever loved one and did everything within their power to help him when he was ailing. Hydrotherapy was their last-ditch effort. By the time they discovered the existence of this method of supporting health and rehabilitation through the use of warm, ozonated water for swimming and exercise, it was too late for Casey.

However, this experience triggered Brad’s natural instinct to assist in the well-being of others and the belief that conditioning like hydrotherapy can impact a dog’s quality of life, whether healthy or not. He became certified as a hydrotherapist shortly thereafter and quickly discovered a greater gift of connecting with the dogs he works with.

Complementing Brad, is his wife and partner, Kim. She is the brains (shh, don’t tell Brad) behind the company and ensures Mutts in Motion operates efficiently and safely through best business practices and proper industry certifications.  She also supports Brad, who has the true gift of connecting with dogs, by providing an additional source of training to dogs while they stay for the occasional overnight visits and ensures your pet(s) are cared for while you are away.

Their story began as a personal one... and continues to be.

Meet the Team


Brad Perry

Trainer & Hydrotherapist

Meet trainer Brad Perry. Brad began his professional career focused on the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is a means to provide your dog a workout that can be focused on specific muscle groups for surgical or injury rehabilitation, or full body for general exercise or weight management. Through years involved in this important work, it became clear to Brad’s clients he has a gift for “reading” dogs and was able to guide them in and outside of the pool.

Brad is not a breedist. He believes each dog has his own personality and communication style. Once he establishes trust with his clients and their dogs, he is able to get to work in a positive manner.


Kim Perry


Kim Perry, a USAF Veteran, got involved in the dog world when she noticed how much people were drawn to Casey while he always remained calm and relaxed. This led to Good Canine Citizenship training, obedience training, and trick training, culminating in becoming a certified Therapy Team.

As a therapy team, Kim and Casey started their mission visiting patients in assisted living facilities and working with children with special needs. They also became part of R.E.A.Ding Paws, visiting the local library and bookstores, providing furry, non-judgemental support to children learning or struggling to read. Casey eventually retired to pursue his true love of…sleeping…on his back.


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